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Prewound Bobbins

Who wants to take the time to wind bobbins these days? When you’re on a time crunch and you need to load the next bobbin, it’s so much easier to have a pre-loaded bobbin next to your machine.

We offer class L and M bobbins in classic black and white colors, so you can move through sewing projects quickly. These cases are perfect for those who have a home based business, for when bobbins break or get lost. All of our prewound bobbins are also reusable, in case you need to change colors. If you’re not sure which bobbin will work best with your machine, reach out to our customer support. We’re happy to help you however we can!

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Magnetic Core Prewound Sideless Bobbins keep the bobbin thread from backlashing in the bobbin case, which causes thread nesting on the bottom side of embroidered fabrics.*

Please remove any circular perforated backlash spring from inside your bobbin ca
Showingof 12 item(s)