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There seems to be an endless amount of sewing supplies available, but the question is: “where is the best place to find them”? We can provide solutions for all of your sewing supply needs; an extensive selection of needles and thread to help you tackle any project, including quilting supplies for creating beautiful quilts for friends and family. Whether you’re working with simple cotton prints or even the thickest leather, we have the perfect supplies for your machine or project.

Your machine will run smoothly with our specialty lubricants and oils, so you can spend more time on your projects and less time on maintenance in the long run. And for those who like convenience, we offer pre-wound bobbins in basic colors and backing that can be easily applied to your project. And look no further for vinyl and printing supplies! We have any color you could want and probably more. Even on the off chance you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact our customer support service, so we can help you find all the supplies on your list.

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Graphtec Graphtec CE LITE-50 20" E-Class Desktop Vinyl Cutter and Plotter
EasyWeed Adhesive lets you create a trendy style without breaking the bank. Compatible with cost effective screen printing foils, this adhesive is a money saver and a money maker!  In addition to screen print foils, EasyWeed Adhesive is compatible with fa
The Qnique Laser Stylus is the easiest way to trace patterns or photographs while quilting on a machine quilting frame. Just attach the laser stylus to the Qnique Quilting Machine, and position it to trace the desired pattern so you can follow along! The
The PS500 is the one you need to turn your dream into a reality.

For those that love high-tech features when they’re mending or sewing, the Pacesetter PS500 Sewing Machine is a must-have device. It’s sleek and stylish, perfect for whatever your sewing
The PS3734 is the perfect model to round out the Pacesetter by Brother line-up. It is affordable, easy-to-use and easy to thread! The free arm makes it easy simple to sew sleeves, trouser legs and other hard to reach places. The included wide table with t
Showingof 724 item(s)