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To keep your machine working at its best, you need high-quality parts that are the right fit for your sewing or embroidery machine. But sometimes, those parts can be challenging to find, and that’s why we offer many essential machine parts, such as bobbins, bobbin cases,and presser and zipper feet for both home and commercial machines.

You don’t have to worry about visiting several stores to find the parts you need so you can finish up that creative project you’ve started. We have everything you need. And if for some reason, you don’t see the part you need, just ask our customer support service, and we'll do our best to get you what you need.

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Designed for THE Grace Continuum and Brother Dream Frame PRO with THE Dream Quilter 15 mid-arm machine, the Patented gliding take-up rail allows for up to 4" of additional quilting space. The optional moving rail automatically senses when THE Dream Quilte
Fits Duetta 4500D, Inno-vis 2500D/1500D, QC1000 and NV6000D
Brother King Thread Spool Stand for 4500D/Inno-vis 4000D, 2500D, 1500D, QC-1000
Showingof 299 item(s)