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With various software on the market, Brother software has all your designing needs to create, inspire and motivate you to bring your projects to life. Each program offers you to take your photos to the next level and transform them into embroidered works of art. The softwares are user friendly, offer a wide variety of designs and the ability to emboss and engraving effects. Unsure of where to start or which software is right for you? Make sure to check out our customer service for all your software needs.

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CALL FOR PRICING. Brother PE-DESIGN Version 7.0 Embroidering Editing Software

Now that you have been using your PE-Design Lite software and have decided it is time to go to the next level then this software upgrade is just for you. The Brother PE-Desi
CALL FOR PRICING. PE-DESIGN® NEXT takes digitizing and embroidery to the next level of creativity with exceptional new features.
CALL FOR PRICING. Inspire your creativity with a whole new world of embroidery! With PE-Design PE-Design® 8 software creating unique embroidery projects is easier than ever.
CALL FOR PRICING. PE-DESIGN® PLUS2 Embroidery Software gives you the power to perform basic digitizing and transform photos into embroidered works of art through the PhotoStitch™ feature.
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