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Technology is a wonderful addition to the world of sewing. Do you need to give your modern machine an extra boost? We have software from Brother, Floriani, and Anita Gooddesign right here! The range of graphic software that we have in stock will allow you to keep your creative juices flowing and continue churning out amazing projects for yourself, friends and family! Add some fun to your stitches, and enjoy using new software on your next quilting or embroidery project! Even the most novice sewer can increase their value 100 fold or more with the right toolset (software technology); in the hands of experts, businesses and industrial applications exponentially increase their value.

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Quilter's Creative Touch Software, Computer Automated Quilting, does not include Quilt CAD which only comes with Quilt Motion PRO version. Tablet shown for loading software to is not included.
+Import Export, Quilting Template Design, Longarm Split Patterns, True Type Fonts (QuiltCAD+) This is a pattern design software and will not connect to your machine for automation.
Quilter's Creative Touch 4 is the latest version of the QuiltMotion top-of-the-line automated quilting system. Enjoy the power of simplified pattern sewing with steps as easy as: select, place, and sew!
This Software will work with any quilting machine/frame. It only generates templates for printout or design downloads for software already with automatic quilt motion frames.
CALL FOR PRICING. Brother PE-DESIGN Version 7.0 Embroidering Editing Software

Now that you have been using your PE-Design Lite software and have decided it is time to go to the next level then this software upgrade is just for you. The Brother PE-Desi
CALL FOR PRICING. Inspire your creativity with a whole new world of embroidery! With PE-Design PE-Design® 8 software creating unique embroidery projects is easier than ever.
CALL FOR PRICING. PE-DESIGN® PLUS2 Embroidery Software gives you the power to perform basic digitizing and transform photos into embroidered works of art through the PhotoStitch™ feature.
Showingof 80 item(s)