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Hoop systems are a great way to keep larger-sized projects in check, you can’t go wrong with these hoop systems from Brother, Durkee, Hoop Tech, HoopMaster, and Mighty Hoop. There’s a wide variety of sizes to choose from, and a hoop for just about any embroidery machine!

You can also choose a single hoop or a hoop with interchangeable frames, which can save you time and energy when working on a challenging project! Whether you’re sewing on a home or commercial machine, we have the hoop for you. Have questions? Call us at 1-800-426-2246.  We’d love to hear from you!

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Hoop Tech 599869 SlimLine Clamping Hoop Chassis, plus 4 Window Frames 7x6" 4.5x4.5" 3.5x5.5" 2x2" for Brother PRS100 Persona, Babylock Alliance BNAL
This set includes:
The HoopMaster Station, FreeStyle Arm Portable Base
T-Square, Pocket Guide, and 100x100 size Fixture with FreeStyle Arm
300x200/ 360x200 fixture, 180x130 fixture, 60x40 fixture
Brother Embroidery Starter Kit 3 includes Quick Snap Magna Frame Set, Magna Quilter for Quick Snap, Embroidery Tool Kit, Perfect Placement Kit, Eileen Roche's Hoop and Go Kit CD for Brother, SAEP706 Pacesetter Embroidery Thread
Showingof 414 item(s)