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Looking for the perfect Embroidery accessory to make your project pop? We offer a wide range of accessories such as cap frames, mighty hoops, stitch erasers, and even a rolling bag to keep your items in one central location! With so many options it may be hard to choose just one item for all your sewing needs! Have questions on what might work best for you? Reach out to our helpful customer service who are always willing to help with all your concerns.

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Magnetic Core Prewound Sideless Bobbins keep the bobbin thread from backlashing in the bobbin case, which causes thread nesting on the bottom side of embroidered fabrics.*

Please remove any circular perforated backlash spring from inside your bobbin ca
Hotronix® FUSION® Heat Press
Thread It! Print It! Spin It!
Threadability™ on the lower platen: position the garment, rotate, and decorate any area
Touch Screen Technology: program an unlimited number of frequently used application settings
Peggy's Stitch Eraser removes embroidery stitches in fabric without damage to material! Do not be tricked, Peggy Stitch Erasers are not hair clippers. Peggy's Stitch erasers are designed specifically for removing the dense stitches of machine embroidery.
Hoop Tech HoopTech PR-600C/EMP6 5 inch x 3 inch Window for use with the Hooptech Clamping Base
Brother Brother PRCF3 Cap Frame Gauge, Hat Hoop, Driver - 3-Piece Hat Attachments Equip, 5x2.5"" Embroidery Above Brim for PP 6/10 Needle (PR650 and above)
Brother Fast Frames 101-640 Brother SAFF640 Extension Table Top Insert 20x28" Supports Flat Hoops on PR600-PR655 and Babylock 6 Needle Embroidery Machine
Showingof 621 item(s)