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When searching for the perfect Quilting machine, the long arm is your go too. We offer easy free motion machines, thread trimmers, walking foot, shoe patch and a cylinder bed. We also give you the top Quilting machine brands such as Juki and Conesew. Unsure of which machine would fit you? Call our customer service today and we’ll be happy to help find the perfect machine for you!

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for Domestic Home Sewing Machines, including longer arm Brother PQ1500, Babylock Jane BQLP, Juki TL's, Janome 1600 6500, 6600, Elna 7100, 7200, 7300; Viking Mega, Pfaff Grand portables.
11mmSL, 20mmLift, & Pedestal Power Stand 650RPM
Double the ways you can quilt with your Grace Q'nique by adding rear handles! These let you work from the back of the machine on a quilting frame and are a must if you wish to follow pantograph patterns or the Plastic Pattern Perfect™ templates from the b
Set Up 5' Crib or 10' King Frame Width, Built In Stitch Length Regulator, Laser Point Guide, Automatic Thread Trimmers, Big M Bobbins, Direct Drive Motor, Metal Gears, No Belt
35" Width, Adjustable 30-34" Height Table, Exclusive Thread Trimmer, Foot Control. Industrial grade.
This quilting accessory is essential if you plan on using any pantographs or patterns from the back table of your machine quilting frame.
Bonus Light Bar $300, Table Inserts $130 for Pattern Perfect Templates & Stylus $200 Included , Ruler, Cutter, Grips $50. Total $680 Values, will start shipping in December! Must purchase by December 31 to qualify for these specials.
Grace Bernina ber-01-11319 Bottom Plate Carriage Platform and Handles for Qnique 15/PRO on Grace Made Bernina Frame
Use this idler rail to continuously quilt without having to stop and adjust the level of your take up rail.
Get an extra 2 feet of quilting area out of your Continuum II quilting frame with this extension kit. This will work with both the 10 foot frame and the 8 foot frame, extending them to 12 or 10 feet respectively. Extending your quilting frame lets you qui
Continuum II is the 1st machine quilting frame with adjustable depth front to back between rails. Adjust the fabric area by moving the front rail back depending on arm space.
The Q’nique 15M is a manual quilting machine designed for those who like to have manual control over their stitching, at a low introductory price point. Built with the same specifications as the original Q'nique 14+, the Q'nique 15M forgoes stitch regulat
Powerful Stitching Motor, Built In Stitch Regulation, Micro Handle Positioning, Larger Full Color Touch Screen Display
The Q’nique 21 features 21 inches of throat space from the needle to the back of the work area. This extended work area gives you the freedom to quilt larger patterns and blocks.
The new Grace Continuum Frame is designed specifically to accommodate the Qnique Quilting Machines. Get both the frame and the machine together in this amazing combo for the ultimate quilting experience! There is also a Stitch-Regulation upgrade available
*Includes Safety Clutch Button for Retiming, Big M Bobbins, Knocked Down Unassembled Power Stand, 100 Needles, S32 Welt Foot Set
It does not work with the original grace machine quilter the GMQ or the original little grace or the study light the old start right frame.
The batting rail (or fourth rail) accessory underneath the frame is a convenient way to manage and hold your batting layer. Keep your batting organized and off the floor by rolling it on this rail.
Showingof 47 item(s)