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Commercial machines are the lifeline of your business. That’s why you need the very best when it’s time to replace one of your machines. We have only the best industrial machines in stock, from brands you trust, like Juki and Consew. We also offer long-arm, blind stitch, upholstery, and walking foot machines. Whatever type of machine you need to do your job, we have it.

We also offer heat presses to make your materials easy to work with. And since we offer free shipping on all order over $50, you can have your new machines shipped right to your door. Have questions? Reach out to our customer service department. We’d love to help you find your next machine!

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Industrial Straight Stitch Upholstery Machine, Replaces (DNU241), Includes Set Up Power Stand, Safety Clutch* Big M Bobbin, 9mm Stitch Length, 9/16" Foot Lift
Industrial Sewing Machine & Stand, 11" Arm Space from Needle to Neck, up to 5500 SPM Stitches per Minute, 5.5-13mm 1/2" Presser Foot LIft by Lever/Knee, Needle Positioner, up to 4mm Stitch Length, down to 6 SPi Stitches Per Inch, Stand, Auto Oil, Servo Mo
Consew 206RB-5 Industrial Upholstery Sewing Machine, Rated up to 3000 SPM, Safety Clutch for Retiming, Big M Bobbin, 9/16" Foot Lift Clearance
Set Up 5' Crib or 10' King Frame Width, Built In Stitch Length Regulator, Laser Point Guide, Automatic Thread Trimmers, Big M Bobbins, Direct Drive Motor, Metal Gears, No Belt
Includes Big M Bobbin, 9mm Stitch Length, 9/16mm 5/8" Presser Foot Lift, Optional Power Stands (Replaces DNU241)
Juki DDL-5550N High-speed Single Needle Straight Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine (MADE IN JAPAN) with Table and Servo Motor
Trousers Keyhole Eyelet Buttonhole, Industrial Top Bottom Thread ChainStitch Sewing Machine, Panel, Stand, AutoCut, ThreadTrim FootLift
It does not work with the original grace machine quilter the GMQ or the original little grace or the sturdy light, the old start right frame.
Dual Function Stitch Regulator and Speed Control Includes X & Y Encoders, Start Stop, Speed Range, LCD Display, for Designated Electronic Sewing Machines*on Designated Grace Quilt Frames, For Quilting Machines w/o Stitch Reg
Includes Table Stand Motor, 2000SPM Stitches Per Minute, Auto Oil Pan Lubrication Pump, Big M Bobbin, 6mm Presser Foot Lift by Hand or Knee Lever, 8mm Longest Stitch Length, 10.25" Arm Space
10" Arm Space Right of Needle, 9/16" Foot Lift, up to 1/4" Inch Stitches or 4 SPI, Safety Clutch for Retiming, Uses 15041 Large M Bobbins, Hook Oil, Power Stand, 3000 RPM SPM
Juki MO-6814S - 4 Thread High-speed Overlock Industrial Serger with Table, Stand and Servo Motor
Juki LU-1560N 2-Needle Unison Feed Lockstitch Industrial Machine with Table and Servo Motor
35" Width, Adjustable 30-34" Height Table, Exclusive Thread Trimmer, Foot Control. Industrial grade.
The Grace Qnique 15 Pro has a powerful motor capable of quilting over 2000 stitches per minute and the needle area is illuminated with bright LED lights so you can clearly see your quilt.
A general-purpose advanced machine that responds to various kinds of sewing materials and processes.
Industrial Upholstery Sewing Machine, Safety Clutch for Retiming, Large M Bobbin, 9/16" Foot Lift, ASSEMBLED Power Stand, 3300RPM
*Includes Safety Clutch Button for Retiming, Big M Bobbins, Knocked Down Unassembled Power Stand, 100 Needles, S32 Welt Foot Set
Showingof 83 item(s)