Grace QCT5 Quilters Creative Touch 5 Beginnings Software+Quilt Motion Robotics Hardware: Motor Belts for Qnique 15R Q19 Q21/PROs Brother DQLT+Tutorial -
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Grace QCT5 Quilters Creative Touch 5 Beginnings Software+Quilt Motion Robotics Hardware: Motor Belts for Qnique 15R Q19 Q21/PROs Brother DQLT+Tutorial

Quilter's Creative Touch Software, Computer Automated Quilting, does not include Quilt CAD which only comes with Quilt Motion PRO version. Tablet shown for loading software to is not included.
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Tablet not included, Microsoft Surface recommended by Grace and AllBrands IT.

TRY A FREE DEMO!Download a free demo copy of the quilting software here!

Quilter's Creative Touch Software, Computer Automated Quilting, does not include Quilt CAD which only comes with Quilt Motion PRO version. Tablet shown for loading software to is not included.

With Quiltmotion Software you will enjoy the benefits of a professional automated quilting system in the comfort of your own home! You import, edit it, QuiltMotion quilts it! QuiltMotion takes you seamlessly through pattern editing to stitching with absolute ease.

Get precision quilting at your fingertips, with the new Quilter’s Creative Touch Software bundled with QuiltMotion! Use this new user-friendly software to edit and layout your quilt projects on any windows 8 through 10 tablet or PC, and let QuiltMotion quilt it with precision.

Quilter's Creative Touch Software Added Features

Quilter's Creative Touch carries over the basic functions of QuiltMotion, with a wholly new designed user-interface and many new features. Every function has been carefully re-designed to make pattern creation and automatic quilting easier.

Quilter's Creative Touch 4 is the top–of–the–line automated quilting system. Enjoy the power of simplified pattern sewing with steps as easy as: select, place, and sew! Have the ultimate quilting experience with the advanced features needed to design, edit, layout, and quilt with absolute precision. Quilt your masterpiece with ease as Quilter's Creative Touch takes your ideas from design to reality.

Quilter's Creative Touch 4 lets you design and place your patterns the way you want, and then it quilts them out for! You'll love seeing your favorite patterns professional quilted by your own quilting machine.


Quilter's Creative Touch 4 Beginnings is an automated quilting software that enables your quilting machine to sew on its own. The Beginnings version of the Quilter's Creative Touch 4 features easy pattern editing (sizing, rotating, flipping), and Panto Stacker™. Create and edit your own pantographs which can be stacked continuously and used to complete an entire quilt. Select a pattern from the built-in library (including over 200 design patterns), digitally place the selected design on your quilt, then sit back and watch as your machine does all the sewing for you. All you have to do is roll the quilt to the next section. This time-saving software is compatible with a variety of domestic quilting machines, mid-arms, longarm quilting machines, and frames (see compatibilities below). Use the Quilter's Creative Touch 4 Software with any Windows tablet, laptop, or home PC that meets the system requirements (not included).

Easily upgrade from the Beginnings Package to the Standard Package to receive additional features such as PatternCAD™ and QuiltCAD™ which allow you to design, create, and edit your own patterns and quilt layouts. With the Standard QCT4 software you can batch import, convert, and export patterns in different file types. Create templates and use them for future projects. Upgrading to Quilter's Creative Touch 4 Standard Package allows you to record free-motion quilting and save it as a pattern! Learn about all of the advanced features included in the Standard Package.

  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor



• Comes with the motor plate and hardware needed to control your machine
• Includes pattern library with 200 quilt-ready patterns
• Edit blocks, pantographs, borders, and full quilt layouts
• Included LCD display for convenient control right at your sewing machine
• Precise pattern placement methods
• See your pattern in relation to your quilt on-screen before you begin quilting
• Easily switch between computer guided quilting and free-hand quilting
• Import a wide variety of pattern file types from other programs
• For Windows XP, Vista, and 7 through 10
Qnique 15R
Block Rockit
Qnique 21
Babylock BLQP Quilters Choice Pro
Brother PQ1500
Bernina Aurora or Artista 7/7 Series
Bernina 820, 830, 880
Elna 7100, 7200, 7300
Janome 1600's, 6500, 6600
Juki TL98Q or TL98QE
Juki TL2010Qi, TL2010Q,

Not Compatible: These machines are not compatible with the latest version of QCT, but different branded versions of automated quilting software designed by the Grace Company are available.

USING YOUR OWN WINDOWS TABLET. Recommended System Requirements Quilter's Creative Touch is best on Windows tablets. The software will also work with any Windows home PC or laptop that meets the system requirements, but it has been designed to be used with touch–screen tablets, offering the freedom to use it wherever you go, and have all of the functionality right at the sewing machine where you need it most. When deciding if your Windows tablet will work with Quilter's Creative Touch, here are some other suggestions to keep in mind.

QCT4 will only work on devices running Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher. It will not work with any version of Windows RT.
A 1.66 GHz. or faster processor is recommended.
A device with a total of 64 GB hard–drive space is recommended, with at least 2GB available for installation.
2 GB or more of RAM is recommended.
A full–size USB port is required. If your tablet uses a USB port to charge, it must have a second USB port to plug into QCT4. *Tablet is preferred
The included tablet mount will hold tablets with screen sizes from 10 to 12 inches.
Internet connectivity is necessary for software registration, activation, and card access benefits.
Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher.
For more details, or to answer any questions, please call the Grace Company at

Associated File Types. Associated File Types
Already have your own collection of digital patterns? The following file types can be opened by any version of QCT4 and some versions will also allow you to export or batch import any of these file types.

SSD Qdata

Grace QCT 4 Beginners Quilters Creative Touch Software does not include Quilt CAD which is only available with QCT Quilt Motion PRO version.

QCT4 Beginnings Version - Purchasing and Installing a Pattern into QCT4 from a 3rd Party Vendor

qct4 motor-plate firmware update, video instruction
Included Accessories
The Quilter's Creative Touch 4 Beginnings Package includes:

QCT4 Software with help files

Motor Plate

Tablet Mount for 10-12in screens


All necessary hardware

Screen Cleaning Cloth

Tablet Stylus

USB Cables

Surge Protector

Quick install guide

Cable taming kit

Tablet not included

Machine Compatibilities:

Guaranteed Compatible with APQS Quilt Path Quilting Machines:
Freedom*, Lenni*, Lucy*, Millennium*

Guaranteed Compatible with Baby Lock Quilting Machines:
Quilter's Choice Pro BLQP, Jewel*, Crown Jewel*, Crown Jewel II*, Crown Jewel III*

Guaranteed Compatible with Bernina Quilting Machines:
Aurora Series, Artista 6, Artista 7 Series, 820, 830

Guaranteed Compatible with Block RockiT Quilting Machines:
BlockiT 14+, Block RockiT Titan 21

Guaranteed Compatible with Brother Quilting Machines:
1500S*, VQ2400*, DQ1500*

Guaranteed Compatible with Elna Quilting Machines:
7100, 7200, 7300

Guaranteed Compatible with Janome Quilting Machines:
1600 (all versions), 6500, 6600, Artistic Quilter 18*, Artistic Quilter 18DX*, Artistic Quilter 26*, Artistic Quilter 26DX*

Guaranteed Compatible with Juki Quilting Machines:
98Q, 98QE, TL-200Qi, TL-2010Q, TL-2200QVP*, TL-2200QVP Mini

Guaranteed Compatible with Nolting Quilting Machines:
Fun Quilter 17*, Fun Quilter 20*, Pro Series 20*, Pro Series 24*

Guaranteed Compatible with Pfaff Quilting Machines:
Grand Quilter, Grand Quilter 18-8

Guaranteed Compatible with Q'nique Quilting Machines:
Q'nique 15R (14+), Q'nique 21

Guaranteed Compatible with Viking Quilting Machines:
Mega Quilter, Mega Quilter 18-8

*Models marked with this symbol require a proprietary brand software that can be aquired from your machine manufacturer.

Frame Compatibilities:

Guaranteed compatible with Grace Quilting Frames:
GQ Frame, Q'nique Frame, Gracie King, Gracie Queen, SR-2 Frame, Majestic, Pinnacle, GMQ-Pro*, Little Gracie II*

Guaranteed compatible with the Bernina Frame*

Guaranteed compatible with the Pfaff iQuilt Frame

Guaranteed compatible with the Tin Lizzie Phoenix Frame

Guaranteed compatible with the Janome Artistic Frame

*Frames with this symbol require the latest carriage to be compatible.

Computer/Tablet Requirements:

1.2GHz or higher processor
Windows 7, 8, or 10
Full-sized USB Port
1GB of RAM
2GB of free hard-disk space
Display resolution of 1024x768 or higher

Internet connectivity and software registration are required for the initial software activation.

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