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Grace Pattern Perfect Grooved Templates, Hearts Design, 3 Plates for Grace Machine Quilting Frames- Specify Current Model*

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  • The Grace Pattern Perfect- Plastic Edition adapts onto the tabletop of your Continuum, Brother Dream Frame SR2, Majestic, GQ, GMQ-Pro, Little Gracie II, or Pinnacle Machine Quilting Frames. Does not work on new Grace Sturdy Lite, Start Right or D'Lite frames
  • Combine and repeat patterns in interesting ways to create unique designs on your quilt.
  • The Grace Pattern Perfect—An exciting new way to quilt perfect patterns with ease!
  • The Grace Pattern Perfect adapts onto the carriage assembly and table top of your Grace Machine Quilter.
  • Achieve proficiency doing perfect, repeatable patterns with very little practice!
  • Combine and repeat patterns in interesting ways to create unique designs on your quilt!
  • This item does not include the Stylus which is required to make this product functional. If you would like to add the Stylus to your order, you can choose to add it on during checkout.
  • The stylus attachment follows the grooves, guiding you through the different patterns and designs on the template.


You must have the stylus from the original Plastic Pattern Perfect Sets to use these pattern templates.
It is recommended that your sewing machine have rear handles to let you quilt from the back when using Plastic Pattern Perfect.

Click Here to Download the Instruction Manual Download of for the Grace Pattern Perfect Support Shelves
Included Accessories
  • Three Templates
  • Excellent instructions for assembly including directions and diagrams for different pattern combinations
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