Consew 206RB5 Walking Foot Needle Feed Upholstery Sewing Machine with Assembled Power Stand -
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206RB5 Walking Foot Needle Feed Upholstery Sewing Machine with Assembled Power Stand

Industrial Upholstery Sewing Machine, Safety Clutch for Retiming, Large M Bobbin, 9/16" Foot Lift, ASSEMBLED Power Stand, 3300RPM
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  • Up To 3300 Stitches Per Minute
  • Single Needle Lockstitch
  • Safety Clutch For Timing
  • Includes Table, Stand, And Motor
  • Finger & Belt Guards & 69 Thread
  • Upholstry Sewing Machine
  • Needle size 135x17 is for Heavy, canvas & vinyl
  • Needle size 135x16NW is for leather


  • 3300 stitches per minute
  • Safety clutch with push button re-engagement
  • Large horizontal hook
  • Reverse feed
  • 9/16" clearance under foot
  • Heavy-duty single needle lockstitch
  • Compound feed and alternating presser feet (walking foot and needle feed)
  • Centralized Arm Lubrication
  • Reservoir-Oiled Hook with Micrometric Control Valve
  • Three stitches to the inch
  • Large bobbin
  • Large horizontal axis hook
  • Bobbin can be changed without removing object being sewn
  • Thread release finger (for heavy thread)
  • High presser foot lift - NOW 9/16" (14mm)
  • Reverse stitching
  • All gear driven hook mechanism
  • Stitches per minute - 3300 max
  • Simple adjustment permits raising and lowering of the center foot which allows for sewing different thickness of material and thus assures positive stitching
  • Needle feed and walking foot mechanism identical to Consew Model 225/226R-2 including take-up and tension
  • Standard feet and attachments interchangeable with Consew Models 225/226R-2
  • Uses same welt feet and needles as Consew Models 225/226R-2 and similar types
  • Needle plate, foot and feed dog can be changed for special operations
  • Standard attachments easily installed
  • Compound feed, walking foot mechanism insures even feeding of material
  • For sewing light to heavy-weight materials such as leather, vinyl, upholstery, synthetics, canvas and various coated and laminated products
  • Designed for stitching such products as auto, boat and furniture upholstery, tarpaulins, covers, sails, tents, camping trailer covers, awnings, umbrellas, tops, bags, luggage, handbags, travel ware accessories, sports and camping equipment, wearing apparel, outdoor clothing, canvas shoes, slippers, orthopedic appliances etc.
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