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With over 30 years of tradition in products for the timeless art of quilting, The Grace Company has become the number one producer of machine quilting frames. The Grace Company has also expanded to specialize in quilting hoops, rotary cutting notions and even quilting machines.



Grace Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 Years on Casting, 2 Years on Mechanical Parts, 1 Year on Electrical Parts

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Dual Function Stitch Regulator and Speed Control Includes X & Y Encoders, Start Stop, Speed Range, LCD Display, for Designated Electronic Sewing Machines*on Designated Grace Quilt Frames, For Quilting Machines w/o Stitch Reg
Quilter's Creative Touch Software, Computer Automated Quilting, does not include Quilt CAD which only comes with Quilt Motion PRO version. Tablet shown for loading software to is not included.
for Domestic Home Sewing Machines, including longer arm Brother PQ1500, Babylock Jane BQLP, Juki TL's, Janome 1600 6500, 6600, Elna 7100, 7200, 7300; Viking Mega, Pfaff Grand portables.
Replacement bulb for Grace Luminess Light Bars. These can come with or without connecting cables. Please choose whether you need a bulb with or without these cables.
Grace Pattern Perfect Grooved Templates, Hearts Design, 3 Plates for Grace Machine Quilting Frames- Specify Current Model*
This is only the stylus and the holder, or the assembly that attaches to the frame carriage. The stylus attaches right to your carriage and then guides your machine through the pattern. The optional Grace Company Pattern Perfect starter set includes eight
The fabri-fast tool is a necessary piece of equipment used to to install/remove fabri-fast tubing from your frame rails. Order this if you would like an additional fabri-fast tool or need a replacement.
Now you can quilt to the edge! Attach fabric to your frame easily and accurately with the Grace Frame Cloth Leaders.
It does not work with the original grace machine quilter the GMQ or the original little grace or the sturdy light, the old start right frame.
This Software will work with any quilting machine/frame. It only generates templates for printout or design downloads for software already with automatic quilt motion frames.
The Luminess is the perfect lighting solution for any quilting frame, sewing table, or work area! The TRUE-COLOR light-balanced LED lights enhance the details of your projects. The Luminess is adjustable in height and width, and is available in two sizes,
Continuum II is the 1st machine quilting frame with adjustable depth front to back between rails. Adjust the fabric area by moving the front rail back depending on arm space.
Quilter's Creative Touch 4 is the latest version of the QuiltMotion top-of-the-line automated quilting system. Enjoy the power of simplified pattern sewing with steps as easy as: select, place, and sew!
This combo is worth every penny! This combo features the newest Qnique machine as well as some of their best items. This all-inclusive quilting system will blow you away!
Grace ACC-01-12762 Horizontal Spool Holder Mounts a Single Pin Thread Stand on Either Side of Qnique 14, 15, 19, 21, Brother DQLT Quilting Machines
+Import Export, Quilting Template Design, Longarm Split Patterns, True Type Fonts (QuiltCAD+) This is a pattern design software and will not connect to your machine for automation.
New from Grace! A portable table top frame for sit down or stand up operation with front/back handles that will take up to Qnique 19 longarm machines in addition to your domestic portable sewing machine.
The new Grace Continuum Frame is designed specifically to accommodate the Qnique Quilting Machines. Get both the frame and the machine together in this amazing combo for the ultimate quilting experience! There is also a Stitch-Regulation upgrade available
The Q’nique 21 features 21 inches of throat space from the needle to the back of the work area. This extended work area gives you the freedom to quilt larger patterns and blocks.
Order replacement tubing for your Fabri-Fast rails. When ordering, please specify which frame you have. Each tube ordered will come in the longest size available for your frame. You can cut the tubing as needed if your frame is set up in a smaller size.
Grace HDW-03-13113 M12 BY 60 Roller Caster for Continuum Quilting Frame,
Order the number of casters you need for 8, 10 or 12' Continuum frames, which is 6 for 8 and 10', and 8 for 12'.
The Grace Pattern Perfect- Plastic Edition adapts onto the tabletop of your Continuum, Brother Dream Frame SR2, Majestic, GQ, GMQ-Pro, Little Gracie II, or Pinnacle Machine Quilting Frames. Does not work on new Grace Sturdy Lite, Start Right or D'Lite fra
Showingof 104 item(s)