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Brother Direct-to-Garment GT Printers

Interested in Garment Printing with great convenience and low mess in half the time? View our line of Brother GT-541 DTG Inkjet Garment Printers and supplies! These printers print a perfect, full size T-shirt front in under 5 minutes. Each additional shirt only takes about a minute. Imagine printing 40 shirts in just an hour! The most appealing part: no screens, no inks, no chemicals = NO MESS! You can print twice the shirts in half the time and hassle! These shirts will remain vibrant wash after wash!

GT-541 Testimonials

Dustin and Lisa Henderson
Dustin and Lisa Henderson, Owners, Big Fish Ink, Yachats, OR
"We wouldn't even be in business if it weren't for the GT-541 digital inkjet garment printer. The quality is just amazing and always consistent, even after zillions of washings. We specialize in taking photos at sporting and special events, and then preserving these memories by putting them on shirts and other garments. We simply pack up our GT-541 and photography equipment and travel from event-to-event. Having had a prior successful sales career, I worried about how to market this product. Fortunately the GT-541 practically sells itself. People are amazed at what this machine can do. We always seem to have a crowd around us, but fortunately our customers don't have to wait long at all for their garments to print. Brother is a company that really cares about its products and customers. As far as we're concerned, Brother owns this industry and has set the standard. No one can even come close."

Peter Rinnig, Owner, QRST's, Somerville, MA
"I've been in the garment decorating business for nearly 20 years and nothing has boosted my sales like the GT-541 garment printer. The GT-541 has become so invaluable to my business, it gets equal press time. It has been a gold mine for us, representing a whopping 12% of my bottom line in just the first year alone! Our customers can have as many colors in their designs as they want, without the high cost of all those screens. We can offer them the printing they want, at prices they can afford, with lightening quick turnaround times. The GT-541 is by far the best investment I've made for my screenprinting business!"

Frank Zechman, President & Owner, Zeek's Tees, Atlantic Highlands, NJ
"The GT-541 inkjet garment printer is a perfect complement to my screenprinting/embroidery business. I have been screenprinting and embroidering for the past 22 years, and nearly three years ago I agreed to beta test the GT-541. My business has been exploding ever since. We had a 41% increase in sales in 2006 over the previous year in inkjet printed products – which is extraordinary! Although my customers love the traditional look of screenprinting and embroidery, those new to the inkjet printing process love the soft feel, fast turnaround, exciting new graphic options and unlimited vibrant colors. The GT-541 has definitely given me a distinct competitive edge and tons of repeat work. I am even getting work from other screenprinters and embroiderers."

Brad Alpers, Director of Sales and Marketing, Repla Prints, Inc., Marietta, GA
"As a beta site for the prototype GT-541, we realized the importance of being able to offer customers on-demand digital garment printing. Before we started printing with a digital garment printer, we didn't fully understand the potential of offering this service to our customers. The customer walks in with a design and they walk out with a printed sample. Since February of 2004 we have printed roughly 22,000 prints for a total of just over 12,000 completed shirts, and the printer never skips a beat. We average about $4 per shirt profit. We just completed a 500 pc. order that required several different prints and 2 print sizes for each design. Not something I would have attempted on an auto press. The set-up times alone would have taken longer than it did to run the entire job on the GT-541. This printer is rock solid, it is obvious that it is a production machine. If I had the choice to make all over, even with all of the competition out there, I will still choose the Brother GT-541, no questions asked. I couldn't imagine running a screen printing business without the GT-541."

Dan Alexander, Owner, Mainly Monograms, Nanuet, NY
"The GT-541 serves a very lucrative, rapidly growing niche market. We can now profitably print short runs with multiple colors, which isn’t practical with screen-printing. We’ve had customers wanting to add just a few shirts to their already completed order, and now we can print them in just a few minutes – without the set-up and mess of screen-printing. Our customers love to have us print shirts with special photos on them for gifts, memorabilia, sports teams, you name it. The GT-541 is providing an important new profit center for us. We’re thrilled with the service we get from Brother. They always stand behind their machines, and our rep, Steve Hobbs, has been just great to us."

Lisa Kearley, Owner, Thread Tech, Pittsfield, MA
"The GT-541 is becoming my favorite piece of equipment in my garment decorating business. The advantages of the GT-541 over screen printing are no screen charges and no minimums. My customers are thrilled. For those that need only a few shirts; they don't have to settle for a one color design. They get exactly what they want at a price they can afford and it's making a huge difference. Samples are a snap. Customer feedback tells me they love the way they wash and wear and they like that there is no heavy, stiff plastic feel as they were used to with screen printing. Business is increasing as word gets out about the increased benefits I can offer my clientele! I'm even subcontracting for other garment decorators."